Testicular Tumor Symptom

What is the testicular tumor symptom?

A symptom is something the patient feels or report, while a sign is something other people, including a doctor, may detect. The signs and symptom of testicular tumor can also be caused by other health conditions. There are several symptom of testicular tumor:

    • A dull ache in the lower back, groin and abdomen.

If often feels a prolonged illness at the back of the body, groin and abdomen, can see a doctor to get advice from a doctor.

    • A lump or swelling in a testicle (painless).

For men who feel there is a bulge or swelling in the testicles should seek to make the scanner to find out the cause. Usually the patient will feel a bump just one testicle. This is because rare cases of tumors in both.

    • Unexplained tiredness or malaise.

To men who suffer from this disease the body will feel weak and tire easily. This is because the normal gene in testicular cells cannot act as normal and the patient will feel pain inner testicles.

    • Breast growth or soreness

Germ cell tumor can cause the breast to grow or become sore. This is because the certain types of germ cell tumor secrete high level of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which stimulates breast development. Some leydig cell tumors can make estrogens (female sex hormones), which can cause breast growth or loss of sexual desire.



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